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    The Believers Never Die Tour Part Duex 4/21/09 Pompano Beach


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    The Believers Never Die Tour Part Duex 4/21/09 Pompano Beach Empty The Believers Never Die Tour Part Duex 4/21/09 Pompano Beach

    Post  lilwave on Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:06 pm

    I sat in the car, and took off my headphones. We had just arrived, and I was listening to Hey Monday on the hour or so drive. I thought "hey! someone was blasting the same song I was listening to on my headphones!". As I bobbed along to 'Obvious' I noticed it wasn't a car that was blasting it, it was the Pompano Amphitheater, Hey Monday was on! Damn, getting lost made us 20 minutes late! As I hurried my sister, Choly, and my brother, Andrew, to the seats I noticed... they sound amazing. The only thing I have negative to say about Hey Monday is the fact that they didn't play longer. Lead vocalist, Cassadee Pope sounded just like she does on record, but better. They kept a good groove. My respect meter, especially for Cassadee, raised a few notches for putting on such a performance. Hey Monday is definitely one of those bands people are just naturally optimistic about, but they are proving themselves a serious band. I got as close as I could, and watched the rest of their set. The songs they played while I was there in order...
    Run, Don't Walk
    How You Love Me Now
    They ended their act with a bang, and I went to the little ladies room. I emerged from the bathroom and picked out the T-shirt my brother promised me because it wasn't enough to just buy me and my sister's tickets (and get her bussed up like he promise) he sealed the deal with this beauty
    ....FUCK! my sister hasn't uploaded the photos yet! alright, photo coming soon....
    Next up was Cobra Starship. I have to tip my hat to Cobra Starship, because they really rocked it. I'm not familiar with their music as much as I wished to be, but hate it or love it, you had to dance. They made it hot, and that's saying something, sense I live in Florida. I know what hot it, and they made it hot. Former Midtown bassist/lead vocalist Gabe Saporta, who formatted Cobra talked to us in a very personal way, even speaking a little Spanish. He told us to follow our dreams, and other ideologies. Owww, its going to be fun being on that stage one day. "hi mom!"
    third to the plate was Metro Station. Another band that I was very optimistic about, but for good reason. Their record has a reoccurring theme of women age, and sexual underage behavior. They did not disappoint in that field. Popularized mainly by their co-frontman Trace Cyrus, older brother of Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, and Mason Musso, older brother of Mitchel Musso from Hannah Montana fame as well, I can kinda imagine the band formatting on the set of the show. Trace: hey do you like sexy, sexy ladies? Mason: hell yea! your creepy... I like it Wink. Now look, I'm not one of those people who hate on bands because its popular to, or because they're the odd band on the tour. I came in there an gave them a fare shot, but it seemed like they where best for giving us a laugh. Through the whole set I kept a tally of how many things creeped me out about them. I counted 14. One of witch was the amount of times Trace said 'sexy'. "sexy, sexy, sexy, ladies!".... metro, metro, metro, station? "Florida, Florida, Florida, Florida!".... O.o please stop. But I digress, besides the creepiness that this band alluded, this band got me to dance... a little. ONLY A LITTLE! if it wasn't for the creepy question "how many girls are seventeen here?" I would have actually jumped a bit during Seventeen Forever. Everyone did an awkward twisting movement during "Shake It" the song I am most familiar with. It was the kind of maneuver you would find at a 7 year old's birthday party. We had a couple laughs, and waited for All Time Low.
    I was very excited for All Time Low. So when they came on I was definitely on top of my chair. They blew everyone's teeth in, and something funny happened. During Dear Maria, Count Me In, the last song of their set, I accidentally elbowed my brother's head below. I hugged his head from atop the chair, and I think singer Alex Gaskarth chuckled at me. It would make sense because 1: I was the only albino at the show, let alone light haired girl, and 2: I was the only albino (or anyone for that matter) standing on my chair. Their act was chockfull of fresh fun.
    By this point, I was ready.... I mean, I was ready for Fall Out Boy. We all where. I hurried to the bathroom, and sprinted back to my seat to jiggle with excitement. The lights shut off, and screams spread across the audience as everyone hurried to their feet. I jumped on top of my chair and anticipated it... hold on.... its coming....
    "I'm coming apart at the seams..."
    "pitching myself for leads in other people dreams"
    *feels heart fill*
    "buzz, buzz, buzz..."
    Oh man, I went ape shit. This was the set...
    Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes
    A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"
    Sugar, We're Going Down
    This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
    I Don't Care
    Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
    I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
    Grand Theft Autumn
    What A Catch, Donnie
    (Coffee's For Closers)
    The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes
    She's My Winona
    Beat It
    America's Suitehearts
    Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
    Tiffany Blews
    Dance, Dance
    Some of the time in between was spent showing a fake movie they made, that you can watch a bit of here, along with some footage of Mr Baby Bronxy paints (look at those cheeks! om nom nom nom!). They had costumes on (witch you can see in the video update I linked you to) to make some sort of statement. They where all in monkey suites, and Patrick had white hair. Hey! that's my job! I personally was not able to see the video, but my brother described it to me. It gave me some time to rest my legs from standing on top of that damn chair. Its as if it wasn't made for teenage Banshees. I had many cathartic moments during their set, and danced my face off. I think it pissed a lot of people off that the band took so much time making this 'statement' about the government, and human issues, and I was to at first. But Pete explained why they felt it was their responsibility to, and I could understand. It tied into he theme of their act on this tour. And I think they pulled it off without looking like COMPLETE snobby ass-wipes. Other than the fanservice shots of Pete without his shirt, it was saying something. I don't wont to give away to much, but yes, it was worth the money. Patrick actually talked guys! (wah!). Before She's My Winona, Pete handed it over to Patrick to be "teacher for a day". He taught us the vocal melodies between "the thunder!"s.
    For those who don't know, the show was moved to Pompano from Boca because the city of Boca Raton felt "There have been known disturbances associated with one of the bands, “Fall Out Boy”. We anticipate the concert will generate security challenges” (read the original blog here). So one of the conditions of playing in Pompano Beach Amphitheater was that the bands had to keep it clean. All the bands joked, and tested the limits. All Time Low gave us a moment to scream out our pent up obscurities in one big "mega swear". The way Fall Out Boy rebelled, was playing a game of fill in the blank. Pete gave us a word and we guessed what was after. "mother _____, son of a ______, Dance, _____". And we all went... ohhhhh I get it, and head-banged on.
    All together, this was an awesome night. and traffic wasn't that bad neither!
    I want to thank my bro, he actually said that he really loved watching me and thinking "I made that" (in reference to my happiness... ya nasties). Choly, thank you too, cause you drove all that way, and did not say a peep about it... well not at first anyways. Apparently I was radiating happy all the way to my bed, where I rested my sore muscles.
    Of course, I want to also thank the bands. Hey Monday, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, All Time Low, and Fall Out Boy for taking all these great acts on the road, and creating, what I think, is the best bill this spring if you want to boogie your nuggets off.

    till next time,
    from the smallish wave
    lilwave //(^.\\\

    ....P.S, my sister kept saying Fall Out Boys the whole way there O.o IT'S NOT PLURAL! GAH! Dx

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