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    believers never die pt2 tour in Ypsilanti, MI


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    believers never die pt2 tour in Ypsilanti, MI Empty believers never die pt2 tour in Ypsilanti, MI

    Post  raven_dove2007 on Sat May 09, 2009 8:56 pm

    my show last night was EPIC! i still can't talk right from the screaming, but my hearing is slowly coming back:D

    i had so much fun!!! My and Sandy got there when the doors opened at 5:30 and found our seats..only they kinda weren't so then we found our REAL seats which where like 4 rows closer:P Hey Monday played first and i only know one of their songs which they, of course, played last. their set was about 30min long, but they have a really good stage presense(sp). and when their set started the lights dropped immediately causing me to jump a mile! Laughing and pete came out and sang with them which was pretty cool.

    then Cobra Starship was up next and Gabe is so funny! the crowd was really moving during their set. they played a new song, which i couldn't understand the words to but it sounds like a good one. and Ryland was wearing white pants...WHITE pants scratch but yeah they were the only band that i got some non-blurry pictures of.

    after Cobra was Metro Station. and i don't know many of their songs, like only 2 i know almost all the way through but they sound pretty good live. in the pit/seats both were definitely alot of Metro fans, which made it more fun for me...feeding off their energy. the only thing is that i think Trace sounded a bit drunk. Rolling Eyes he almost dropped his guitar at one point and also slipped over something and almost fell.

    after Metro was All Time Low. and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! i love them, they are such an amazing live band! there was a pink monkey that was thrown up on stage during one of their songs which Jack promptly hung off his mic stand:lol: there were also 3 bra's thrown on stage as well:roll: and Alex wasn't wearing shoes and someone threw a sign that had something attached to it onto the stage and w/e was attached came off and Alex stepped on it. and then he started complaining about how he had stepped in spit that was on the stage and he's like, "today is def not the day to go bare foot, FML!" at one point during All Time Low's set Jack left the stage and came out the middle of the pit where the people who controlled the b/w set music were set up. and Alex asked if "he was having a good time back there" and the crowd started yelling and then Alex is like, "i wasn't talking to you guys. i was talking to Jack back there" i don't think anyone but the people in the seats near the GA area knew that that was Jack down there. cuz he just walked in all casual, like no one was gonna notice him...even though he had what amounts to a sercurity detail walking around/with him:lol: Cassidee(sp) from Hey Monday came out and sang with them too.

    then Fall Out Boy came on. OMG it was amazing! they came out dressed in suits and ties and patrick had a blonde wig on it was hilarious!!!! they played about 4-5 songs before they ran off stage to go change back into normal clothes. and there was screens up showing little movie clips and they started showing patrick, andy and joe sitting at a table playing cards or something and pete racing around the green room trying to find all his clothes and they showed him basically stripping;-) i mean we couldn't see anything from the waist down but still *wriggles eyebrows suggetively* then they came back on stage and played a few more songs and then they stopped to talk to the crowd, i mean they talked before this but i can't remember what was said, anyway pete was telling a story about a ship that was sunk by an octopus and then said that there was an octopus drive(flash drive) hidden somewhere in the arena. and to look underneath our seats to see if it was hidden there. and nobody could find it so pete's like, "i'll give you a hint, it should be in section 120.........row..........4 i think. and of course that wasn't my section but, oh well! after that they played i don't care! Gabe came out and sang with them on a song i can't remember which one it was though. Cassidee from Hey Monday sang with them too. at one point during the show pete was saying that if people weren't dancing during this next song that they weren't having fun and we want people to have fun at our shows! and then patrick's like, "yeah they've got to be robots if they don't dance to this next song!" and pete responded with "yeah if you look around and the people next to you aren't dancing make them start dancing because we want you all to have fun! infact lets turn on the house lights so we can see if there's any robots to call out here!" so they turned the house lights back on and they started playing "Hey Ya" by Outcast. then pete started talking about the movie Marley and Me and saying how people thought that Marley was the worst most crazist dog ever but how in the end Marley was the best thing that could have ever happened to that family. and that sometimes the craziest people are the best people like his friend Gabe:lol: after that they ran off stage and some people, i guess thought that the show was over because they started leaving but i knew it wasn't over because the house lights hadn't come back up and they hadn't sung Saturday yet. so when they came back on the stage pete started talking about how much they loved MI and how a lot of good/fun people came from MI like Eminem and a whole bunch of others but i don't remember them. and he started talking about how Eminem is "ripped" now, direct quote no lie!Laughing so they started playing thanks for the memories. and then the last song was Saturday and during that song they had to stop it right near the beginning because 2 chicks had gotten into a fight and pete and patrick called them out on it, saying "can't you get along for the last song?! there's really no need to start a fight during the last song of the set. this is the first time in TWO YEARS we've had to stop this song because of a fight! we're not going to start the song back up until the 2 of you hug or something! can you at least do that?!" so then i guess they did because they started the song back up and then finished the song and wished us all a safe drive home. so then me and sandy started walking out and i saw Ryland from Cobra Starship standing around talking to a bunch of girls and taking pictures with them. i should have gone over to say somthing to him but by that point i was too tired to really care what famous guy was standing where:roll:

    but yeah i had an awesome time! this being my first concert i think it was a pretty darn good line-up!!!! bounce

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    believers never die pt2 tour in Ypsilanti, MI Empty Re: believers never die pt2 tour in Ypsilanti, MI

    Post  lilwave on Sun May 10, 2009 6:41 pm

    oww thats so cool of them Smile

    about them playing Hey Ya, did they bring Diaz on stage?

    they actually allowed the tech to lead the song for a night

    who would have thunk it? all we knew him as was eat funny stuff dude on the Friends Or Enemies updates xD

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