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    Fall Out Boy Touring with Blink 182!


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    Fall Out Boy Touring with Blink 182! Empty Fall Out Boy Touring with Blink 182!

    Post  lilwave on Mon May 18, 2009 3:57 pm

    The hardest part for Pete Wentz was the waiting. He and his Fall Out Boy mates knew about the possibility of landing a slot on this summer's Blink-182/Weezer tour for months, but they had to keep it under wraps, because, well, the thing hadn't been announced yet.

    So Wentz was committed to silence, even though he was bursting at the seams with excitement. But now — thanks to a Rolling Stone article that confirmed the tour (it kicks off July 24 and will run until October, with tickets starting at $20) — he is free to let that excitement loose. Because, as he told MTV News, the Blink tour is a fulfillment of pretty much everything he and the rest of FOB have wanted to do since they first picked up their instruments.

    "Pretty much since this band started, we had a list of bands we wanted to meet and hang out with," Wentz wrote in an e-mail. "Blink-182 was at the top of that list."

    Seems that Blink-182 are one of the main reasons Wentz decided to start a band, and Blink bassist/singer Mark Hoppus inspired him to choose the instrument he did. So while touring with Blink is the fulfillment of a dream, the friendship he and Hoppus have formed — one that started when FOB shared the stage with Hoppus' former band, +44, on the 2007 Honda Civic Tour and has since grown to include some serious Twitter sessions and 100 very high-tech Octopus-themed flash drives — is sort of like the icing on a very awesome cake.

    "To be touring together this summer is a dream come true for us," Wentz wrote. "Not just as a band, but as fans and friends too."

    original article here

    tour dates here:

    personally, I just think this is awesome because they are reaching different demographics, and not in a punishing way like... bringing 50 cent on the road with them... *ahem* anyway! is this a dream tour or what?! xDoriginal article hereoriginal artical

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