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    How To Post In The "Better With A Pen" Section


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    How To Post In The "Better With A Pen" Section Empty How To Post In The "Better With A Pen" Section

    Post  lilwave on Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:27 pm

    Before posting in this section please read this.

    In order to keep the board clean, don't post every creation in a separate thread. Depending on what you do, make your own personal thread, filled with all of the things you've done.

    Writings by ______
    Art by _____

    if you do both art and writing, make separate threads for both talents, so that fans of either can find what you've created. Fans of poems and lyrics can find your poems and lyrics, art fans can find your art in a separate thread.

    Fan Fiction
    With fan fiction, the entire series can have its own thread

    title of the fic (what chapter its on, or if its finish)
    update the specific thread with chapters every so often, or post it all at once.

    This board runs under the same rules as the rest of the forum does. Read the forum guidelines, and keep it respectable.
    As far as guy on guy, and things like that, I don't like restricting people's creative freedom. If a chapter or entire series revolve around explicitly sexual content, than please put a WARNING at the top of your post. This way people who don't want to read that, don't have to.

    have fun, and express yourself Smile thats all I ask, thank you.

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