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    This is your admin - ANNOUNCEMENT!


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    This is your admin - ANNOUNCEMENT! Empty This is your admin - ANNOUNCEMENT!

    Post  lilwave on Sun May 03, 2009 4:05 pm

    helloooooo everyone,

    I am deciding to use my personal email because A) its easier to access, and B) I don't think I will have to worry about overload right this second with 15 registered users.
    The reason I am writing you all this mass-message is because you guys are the roots witch this forum will grow from.
    For those of you who don't know, I am Paola, known on the internet as the smallish wave-lilwave. Fall Out Boy was one of those bands that grew on me, and when they did, they stuck. I wanted nothing more but to talk to people who have the same interest in the band as I do. I searched..... and searched.... and searched for a decent forum, with decent traffic, and decent users, with decent administration. After crawling through lots of spam, fangirl infestations, and not-so-fun users, I found overcast kids. I thought my troubles where over... until I saw the price. PAY to be apart of a decent community? I don't think so. And that's how I started Lake Effect Kids.
    Lake Effect Kids was born from a pure love of this band-I really believe in these guys. I don't believe they deserve all of the slack they get, and I think they are serious musicians. I think they are worth the effort, I think the fans are worth the effort. I want to make that forum I was looking for - a decent forum, with decent traffic, and decent users, with decent administration. To do that I need your help.
    I want you guys to know that I am open to any help you can offer. Here's what I have been thinking of in the future....

    A forum interview with Fall Out Boy. This means, users would be able to post questions that they want me to ask. Next time they come to south Fl, I contact their publisher, and make us sound like a big deal. This would be great to give to the fans, because it would be more meaningful, personal, and fun than the average FOB interview.

    Forumotion is not a bad server, per se, but I am willing to pay for this forum to have its own domain name. Meaning would become, with its own pages for... lets say, Fall Out Boy news, announcements, users blogs, maybe even a poll page, than a fully functioning forum with different forums, within boards that hold thread, that hold posts. Most sites have very low quality forums, meaning it would just be boards and I can't give anyone any privileges like... being an admin or mod. Ideally, I would pay for my own webmaster. but they are very expensive (50-70$ a month). Before that would ever happen we need 1) the traffic, and 2) a news team. I am still going to talk to a web designer friend of mine in the mean time.

    Have you noticed I dream big? this is why I ned your help. Posting, is just as important as talking or promoting Lake Effect Kids. But more so than either of those, I need media to offer to promote with. If you are skilled with photoshop, please contact me. To attract people, we need to be attractive.

    Thank you all for your love and support Smile

    with high hopes and big dreams from the smallish wave,
    lilwave //{^.\\\

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